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The goal of Buzz is to create a synergy between an edgy broadcast drama and the internet community in a mutiplatform show that will entertain, inform and engage the audience. BUZZ takes viewers inside a college newsroom and into the lives of young, hungry reporters. Each episode tells stories of them investigating the news and learning life lessons. No matter how many hi-tech devices Buzz uses to connect wit the audience the personal and emotional journey of the characters is the real heart of show. A true multiplatform series, BUZZ tells their stories using broadcast TV, broadband video, mobile content and exciting community elements that bring the show to life. Viewers can become “virtual members” of the college and get the same type of webpage as the cast members. The show tells the stories using all new media formats. For instance, clues to stories and story arcs will be directed just for mobile. Another feature allows you to view one character in all their scenes throughout an entire season. During the network broadcast viewers online can make comments in a chat room and some of these reactions will show appear in “real time” scrolled on the bottom of the frame as the show broadcasts on TV. In every way BUZZ aspires to create a multiplatform series that entices viewers to participate and become part of the BUZZ community -- rather than just watching the show on TV every week. In this vain, viewers can submit news stories they have written and get them published on the Buzz page – offering a large audience for aspiring reporters both in the print media and taped stories. The stories get “viewuser” comments from Buzz members thus helping to create community interaction. If you win enough “viewuser points” gifts and trips to be on the show in LA can be won. Buzz incorporates the new media to get the viewers emotionally invested in the show and make the Buzz webpage a place they visit each day to view and download content and interact with each other.


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